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Hostel In Athens Greece | With the commitment to providing you with the finest experience you could find in Athens, Hostelista is a Hostel in Downtown Athens packed with the best amenities and service one could wish to encounter. Having over two decades in the industry, our crew have developed comprehensive and delicate services in order to ensure peak customer satisfaction and to make your stay as pleasurable as possible in the center of Athens in our beautiful renovated building.

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Consistent service, great customer responses, quick communication and a friendly staff, hence Hostelista Athens remains to be the highly rated Hostel accommodation for tourists in the center of Athens. We are always eager to make you happy and make your stay a memorable one. With customer service that does not discriminate, our staff is trained and screened to always be polite and maintain standard etiquette while interacting with our customers. As a guest, you will always receive quality hospitality and attentive service.

Athens Downtown Hostel – Our Hostel In Plateia Mavili Athens Greece

Get Everywhere In Athens In Just Few Minutes

Our Hostel in Athens, is located at Plateia Mavili. The bus has a stop directly from international airport and our Athens central hostel is in between 2 Metro stations (Megaro Mousikis & Ambelokipi). Mavili Square is one of the city’s most popular squares. Located in the heart of Athens, Plateia Mavili is a hub for locals and tourists alike. It’s right next to the Athens Music Hall, The Eleftherios Venizelos Park and the American Embassy. It features some of the most beautiful and unique spots for coffee drinks and food right next to a big central fountain. You will have all the main attractions within walking Distance. This great square is buzzing with energy no matter what time of day or night it is- during the day it’s filled with people shopping, dining, and exploring its ancient landmarks, while at night it’s alive with street performers, musicians, artist bars, street food, delicious Greek Souvlaki and more. Visitors can also find fresh food markets, organic groceries stores, a fish market, bakeries and many delicious eateries and cafés, as well as boutique shops to explore around the square. Plateia Mavili is a must-see destination when visiting Athens- its history makes it a special place that everyone should experience!

Acropolis And The Acropolis Museum in Athens Greece

The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum in Athens in Greece are two iconic tourist attractions that were constructed centuries ago. Located on a hilltop in the city of Athens, the Acropolis is an ancient citadel built in the 5th century BC. The centerpiece of the site is the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena that combines stunning architecture with incredible views of the city below. The Acropolis Museum showcases artifacts from ancient Greece and offers visitors a glimpse into life during this period. Its vast collection includes statues, pottery, jewelry and more. Both sites offer unique insight into Greek history and culture and are must-sees for any traveler to Athens. Whether you’d like to explore up close, or simply take in the views from afar, the Acropolis and its museum provide an unforgettable experience. Both attractions are just 4 stations (15 minutes) from our Athens hostel location.

Athens One Of The Safest Cities In Europe

Athens is one of the safest cities in Europe. It is a major modern metropolis with a long history, ancient ruins, beautiful parks, art and museums. The city has undergone significant changes to improve safety and security in recent years, and it now boasts some of the lowest crime rates in Europe. There is a strong police presence throughout Athens, making it a safe place for visitors day and night. Crime rates are falling due to investment in police programs and improved law enforcement strategies. Additionally, the city has implemented numerous initiatives that focus on improving public safety, such as CCTV cameras throughout the city, lighting improvements and increased patrolling of public areas. All these efforts have made Athens one of the most secure cities in Europe.


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