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Hostel In Athens Greece | With the commitment to providing you with the finest experience you could find in Athens, Hostelista is a Hostel in Downtown Athens packed with the best amenities and service one could wish to encounter. Having over two decades in the industry, our crew have developed comprehensive and delicate services in order to ensure peak customer satisfaction and to make your stay as pleasurable as possible in the center of Athens in our beautiful renovated building.

About us

Exquisite Customer Experience

Consistent service, great customer responses, quick communication and a friendly staff, hence Hostelista remains to be the highly rated Hostel accommodation for tourists in the center of Athens. We are always eager to make you happy and make your stay a memorable one. With customer service that does not discriminate, our staff is trained and screened to always be polite and maintain standard etiquette while interacting with our customers. As a guest, you will always receive quality hospitality and attentive service.

Our Services

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